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Spirit Science 23 ~ The Sacred Geometry Movie" from the Spirit Science Youtube channel.  Knowledge of sacred geometry was a staple of many ancient cultures, mystery schools, and religions from cultures across the globe. This video from the Spirit Science series explains in great detail the shapes, patterns, and sequences that are responsible for the perfection of the natural world and the very foundation of our universe.  The information presented is enough to give anyone a deeper appreciation and understanding of the world we live in.  Can’t recommend enough.       

If you live long enough, life will humble you. Life will level your defenses, expose your bad habits, and reveal self-deception, all in an attempt to push you beyond your self-inflicted nonsense and self-imposed unworthiness. When you are paying attention, you will get the point. When you are not, you will be humbled. Life can and will bring you to the stark realization that your thinking and feeling nature - in essence, your level of consciousness - controls what you can and cannot do or be.
  Iyanla Vanzant
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